keskiviikko 5. helmikuuta 2014

Interior planning

Winter brake 

Now  winter finally started in Finland, at the end of January. Weather has been now between minus 8 -15 degrees. The last warm day and before snow I crab the moment and carryed away the old deconstucted interior material was dumpt around boat during end of past autumn. It felt happiness throwing away all those plastic and foam  materials, so unsuitable for boats, especially for Colin Archer´s spirit.
 Windy harbour is quite uncomfortable for cabinet maker Jonhnny. For that reason we decided to use  short moment taking a little brake and plan few details which suit this seaworthy vessel.

Brass inside

We´re lucky, our friend own old storage full of traditional boat accessories. We boys took a trasure hunting (Tomb Rider´s) day and found a brass hinges for the doors and fresh water pump brass as well. We  can  hardly wait how they look like in her three wooden interior. Was is cheap? Oh yes, 20 small hinges for the pentry and garderobe doors, 9 bigger ones for the cabin doors, some vents and pump, it was expensive shopping adventure. Okay, discount was something we normally don´t face in boat supermarket. As some has said: "sailing is the most expensive way to travel for a free."

When I write this texts, Johnny just call me and was already made the very first door. I wasn´t bad at all.
Sample no 1. Hatch for instrument panel.