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Fiberglass Colin Archer under restoration

For you who try to read my texts and do not undesrtand my language, I´d like to open a little what is all about.

s/y Ebba is1980-88 bult fiberglass Colin Archer 33 named Ebba.

Ebba is real Colin Archer, hull made by Framboat´s boat builder Jukka Pohjola and her serial number is number 10. Ebba has an exceptional well made biberglass hull, inspected by Norske Veritas during that time. She has an10tn total weight and equipped by strong BMW D50 marine engine with 3 cylinder, three injection pump and 10l oil capicity(!?). Second owner changed the rig, hurricaine proof Selden mast and traditionel red cutter sails app. 85sqm.
Her interior was designed for bluewater sailing, mean lot of storage capasity but not that nice with summerholiday trips.  I am now Ebba´s third lucky owner, seens 2009.

We sail with her four sailing season, mostly Baltic sea, maximum a week away fron harbours, and were a wery satisfied CA33´s sailing performance and her seaworthyness.
Now we aro on our way to rebuild whole interior in this winter 2014. The main reason why all, releted to materials and electric systems.  Interior was followed 70´s style when plastic materials and dark velved was widely use.  Again,  old wires and unpractical floor plan with storage boxes around boat cause that we decided to update the whole interior in the same time. Basic idea is, that the interior and everything else should embody  CA´s spirit, as a seaworthy (pilot and resque)vessel.  It mean that we didn´t want to design  any hi-tech race boat or too luxyry vessel with hot water an showers.  Room plan should be easy to keep clean,  warm and that we can for example dry our wet glothes at disel heater in open space. Stove should work by spirit (the oldone was propaine system). Electric system should be as simple as possible and easy to repair even in bad weather and without hi skilled staff. We also wanted to electric system that need of battey capasity is as low as possible.

We try to follow this simple idea instead of listening many other opinion, who say how nice little techical toys we maight need.  Prehaps some of those latest techonology meet our needings like LED light but only to use with oil lamp together, just in case.

Smart and seaworthy wooden work is done by Johnny Lydman, experienced professional from famous Finnish Colin Archer boatbuilders family. 

Today when I write my texts, outside is -10 C and we need to rest a little, but by shopping some brass items and "art direcring" some nice doors to be fitted with wooden roof and panelwalls.

3x85Ah battery under 1st tillermans cabin

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