maanantai 17. maaliskuuta 2014

Doors to spring

Switch hatch
EBBA's first door is done now. Two more is under work yet, and the whole saloon and pentry as well. Roof panels went to the painting. Electric system, including wires, batterys, equipments and switches is also under work by local boat electric enthusiast. I am lucky, he really seems to know something about seaworthyness and what blue water boat need under heavy weather conditon. He also believed and follow my basic low-tech idea: keep it simple if you can.
1st cabin door

What else new she get now:
Mastervolt AC Master 12/300
Standard Horizon GX1700E with integrated GPS
Automatic Charging Ralay with Start Isolation
Blue Sea System SI-ACR
Analog meters
DC Analog Voltmeter - 8 to 16V DC.
One for engine battery 120Ah, one for 3x 85Ah Exide Nautilus utility batteries and common Ammeter for all.

Product Image

I wonder is it possible to get everything ready within this spring. I can see that the most difficult part of the work is almost be done. We have still a huge project left if I want to sail with she´s new interior in next summer. Painting and polishing need many hours yet. Also some improvement on deck, like a new assembling for Viking life draft for 6 person, new sprayhood, handbars on cabin roof outside etc.

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