keskiviikko 9. huhtikuuta 2014

Prapairing to saling season

Ebba is now almost ready to drop to the water. Interior is not, but in the phase that rest of the work can be done in floating boat. And if she´s not, I maintained the life draft. 30years old Viking was good condition, and I´ve been told that she worked well when launched a few week ago by service man. I was suprised because last maintaining happened many years ago (eleven, dont tell anyone). I´ve also heard that the over pressure vents was a little inflexibel, but draft stay inflated within three days, as Viking maintaining procedure insist to be sure is airproof.

Here is my floating frend. Hopefully we do meet anymore outside of hard container. But if so, I am happy that you prehaps really work if I need you.

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