keskiviikko 14. toukokuuta 2014

EBBA floating again

Interior restoration goes on

Interior construction is now got ahead again, step by step.  We were lucky bacause of warm winter but spring has been a still very busy. 33ft boat interior is harder to build than a small house.
It seems that our project delay prehaps only one month. First timeframe was 15 th of OCT 2013 to 1st of JUN 2014. Now we estimate that if we can lift anchor for holiday sailing 5th of JULY, I am more than happy.  It is possible bacaus our team, carpenter Johnny, electric enhusiast Hannu and painter Sakke has done a brilliant work.
Boath two back cabins will get a little extra by three windows.

We´re lucky, warm winter allow us to make a outdoor composite works as well

Windows back, soon we are in a water. Unbeliveable!

Fit like a glow

Dometic Origo slave and Waeco electric refrigerator. No propaine in a boat.

Painted and poliched, four times

WC waterline stayed too up. WTF!

Ebba  released back to the water 3 th of MAY.

We faced only a minor harm in dropping day. After first wet start we noticed that raw water intake was week. It bascaus of leak in raw water filter cover. Again, motor idle run adjustments didn´t work properly. Was it air in the system or dust betveen steering rods, we dont know yet, but those was nothing. I almost needed to lift the mast away bacause the old VHF cable didn´t want to come out from new gables channel. I solve the porblem by using the other reserve cannel for this new cable.

Soon you are free

We´ve got a nice temporary sideplace where we can finish the interior works

VHF cable, why dont you can just come out of there!

Interior start to get it´s frame, and when I write this texts, doors and panels are already painted four times.

Pentry start getting a frame

This is something why we need professonals, good planning and skills to make it happen

Sakke,  painter but absolutely also the artist

BMW D50, still going strong

Once more this quite naked stage of this project
Confident mind, dont look down, only up

Melkein kuin vuoden 1980 suunnitelma (by Framboat, Juka Pohjola)

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