sunnuntai 25. toukokuuta 2014

25 days left

We have 25 working days left and our cabinet maker is busy by the next project. It is not a major problem bacause it seems that those days are enough with my high skilled team (electric man, painter and cabinet maker). Last week she got her new saloon. This week we hopefully reach the front cabin, toilet and prehaps next week the heating room and floor I hope so. Then we can prepaire to finish this huge work. I´m trying to solve in a same time some technical problems like blackout of instrument panel (not ground connection in gauges) and how to fuel Reflex heater without electric pump. As I mentioned, I´m trying to avoid all hi-tech systems using manual equipments as much I can.

More than 1300 working hours is now burned with this project. Budget is expand only a little, but not because of work but because of some extra costs I could not resist like Viking lifedraft maintaining (830e) and special materials like extra seaworthy wires, cable, battery and switches, and some basic equipments like new Mastervolt  inverter, Standard Horizon VHF+hi-tech antenna (app. 4500e).

Origo on its place waiting for the spirit

Traditional colour of wooden panels

Better arragments than home
Just a moment, soon she can sail again

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