torstai 19. kesäkuuta 2014

Almost ready

A huge interior construction is now on the phase that to be honest I couldn´t believe. I is almost ready.
We have had five weeks delay, but it´s nothing if we look at the whole project and amont of work it needed. We started by recunstruction OCT2013! Now is June 2014. It mean nine months hard working. I have a perfect team. I have done something of course but the most valuable works like wood construction, electricity and painting has needed to hi-skilled team. Everuone can paint and pull and connect some wires, but when we go over serialstyle and took about seaworthyness, I must say that count on professonals.  I also suffered during the whole autumn, winter and spring the lack of time. I think that it is better than I earn some money that my guys can do their best. I am so proud of amy team, but never the less of my role being as a art director what should she need to be look alike. I was happy that I kept my when choosen the colour of pabels, what  materials we should use, what kind of low-tech but seaworthy electrics we need and what kind of tratitionell style we gonna create. As I mentioned earlier, I adobted the main style from Pommern ship (1903 Åland) we soo in summer 2013 in Marienhamn.
Reflex Diesel heater

Tail lamp can be also as a saloon lamp

Not as a Bavaria Cruiser -style

First book in the library, Ferench Mate´s From a Bare Hull

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