tiistai 16. syyskuuta 2014

Sailing season 2014

This Sailing season is almost over.  We have one trip left in next weekend to Estonian and thats it. Then is time to dream of next season.

Weather was interesting in this summer. Many sailors said that they needed to run by engine more than ever.  Wind was light or stil and air was so warm.  We hit a couple of thunderstorms between those nice sunny weeks. They was extremely beautiful and spactacular moter earth´s exibition offered just for us.

Ebba took us to Porkkala-Hanko-Kärdla (Estonia)-Keibu-Lohusalu-Tallinn-Helsinki, ang one week trip to Kotka and final weekend trip to Tallinn again (getting some spirit for my son´s wedding).

We arranged a small party for my interior construction Team. Johnny, Saara and Hannu was the guests of honour. I wanted to curve Johnnys name in bronze bacause his hand prints is something it do not need to shame. Bronzelabe find it´s place in Ebba´s Rum locker.
Final check and fitting by own hand
Mark for quality,  Johnny Lydman, Haukilahden veneveistämö 2014

We experied one stormy mooring in Hanko 17th of JUL. We went in the harbour with jammed jib´s roll, and piece of sail out of the roll. It wasn´t good idea to try to get in slot bacause we couldn´t steering properly under quite hard side wind (approx 35 knots). Our forebooms&foreplank chain scratch to racing boat next to us in harbour. We´re lucky, no big damage, prehaps the biggest in my soul.  For that reason we planned to add in our shopping chart a Front Steering Propeller systems in thos winterseason. This mean unfortunately more electricity and hi-tech in our traditional seaworthy vehicle. Lets see what happen with this...

Pasage by Hanse 325. Wind 6kts, cruising speed 4kts

Weekend mess in saloon table

Leaking oil lamp. I want The Captains Lamp.

Stairs and motor cover. Under hooked stair is row water filter and small place for handtools

Couch cover is still missing, but things changing in next winter.

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