maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

Interior project step byt step vol II

DEC 2013 The roof needed to be ready until end of 2013. It was.

JAN2014 First new wall

JAN 2014 Electric system started to rebuilt now

FEB 2014 The first hatch for instument panel

MAR 2014 Changing the holes

Door frames for toilet and front cabin

MAR 2014 The windows challenges

APR 2014 Penry

APR 2014 Painted and polished. Thanks for the Sailing Club and good workshop space for working

APR 2014 Pentry and opened "heater room"
JUN 2014 Saloon

JUN 2014

JUL 2014 Admiral´s garderobe and cabin
JUL 2014 Firs coffee brake in new table
JUL 2014 Drawer
JUL 2014 By what materials?

JUL 2014 Motor and row water filter cover in the same package

JUL 2014

 JUL 2014  A few lists still missing but they found they places during our holiday voyage

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