maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

Väinämerellä 2014

Ebba was on her vouage again. The trip headed to Estonia Väinäsea. Kärdla might be the best marina in Estonia. Prehaps mostly for Hillar, brave circum navigator and harbourmaster who knows what mean the  sailor´s attitude. We meet again nice Haapsalu, pittoresk Dirham, warm and exiting Tallinna Old City Marina and a few anchor gulfs durint this holiday. When backing home we hit the spectacular thunderstorm. Wind blows in short moment app. 50 knots (25m/s), rain was unbelieveable hard and flaches hit so close the boat that I wonder why not in her mast. But we were lucky this time. Afterward we soo so beautuful rainbow in a horizon. What a show I must say.

Interior, what we built 10 months, worked perfectly. Cabins, hatches, handles, space, all was what I expected. Equipments like spirit stowe (Dometic Origo), Reflex diesel heater and electric systems run like they should in brand new vessel, or even better. I open this project  later by series of monthly photos.
Behind the bar is hatch we want to reach

Front propellers

Tenor fog sireen

Old fachioned curtain from Hanko

So still an quiet in shallow anchor gulf


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