maanantai 11. elokuuta 2014

Interior project step by step

SEP 2013. Short repair by Lindgren before the big retoration

SEP 2013 Old interior covered with vinyl

"Boat fat"  everywhere

OCT 2013 Final check before reconstructon

OCT 2013 Standing in A-platform at Sailing Club Sindbad

Need some shelter

OCT 2013 Strong dry fiberclass under cover. See rigid strings

OCT 2013 All away, we really mean it!

OCT 2013

NOW 2013 Winter can come
NOV 2013 Almost empty

NOV 2013

 NOV 2013 Old pentry and saloon

NOV 2013

NOV 2013

NOV 2013 Skeleton for wooden panels

 NOV 2013 The first panel in Rear cabin

NOV 2013 Johnny Lydman on his basic position

DEC 2013 Window holes was the most difficult to cover with wood

DEC 2013 Johnny working  with technical corner

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